How Brands Can Win Over the Hearts of Consumers

US consumers are expected to spend around $18.9 billion on Valentine’s Day goodies this year, 9% more than the estimated $17.3 billion they did last, according to the National Retail Foundation. In 2014, the average shopper spent $142 on candy, cards, gifts, dinner and more.

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 2.23.44 PM

Just where is all this money going? Well, 52% plan to buy candy and 21% plan to buy jewelry, spending a total of $4.8 billion on jewelry alone — the highest amount since 2010. Meanwhile, a record one in five people say they’ll take their pets in account when determining how to celebrate Valentine’s Day, spending an average of $5.28 on their furry friends.

In order to take advantage of this spending, let’s look at what some brands are doing in the US and abroad.

British supermarket Tesco, for example, used Twitter’s Vine to create a bunch of short videos around the theme of running into an ex on Valentine’s Day.

Hallmark, on the other hand, created a series of ads on YouTube around the theme of #PutYourHeartToPaper. The goal is to encourage people to write good ol’ fashioned handwritten cards to their lovers.

Over in Verona, Italy, the Flower Council of Holland used a drone to drop roses on couples for a little pre-Valentine’s Day fun.

And thanks to a partnership between Match and Starbucks, Match users can easily send an invitation to meet up for a coffee date at Starbucks with the tap of a button — and then pay for it using the Starbucks mobile app, of course.

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